Alien Aggressors Tutorial

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Here’s a vid of the result after I completed Nick Gravelyn’s excellent Alien Aggressors tutorial. You’ll notice that I used my own artwork instead. You won’t notice that I also used my own sound effects because I haven’t yet worked out how to record sound with the video capture software I’m using.

My Alien Aggressors Video

I can’t recommend this tutorial highly enough for someone just starting out in the world of XNA programming. It covers a number of key concepts and Nick has done a fantastic job of explaining the process in the text. I don’t know how he had the patience!

I still had trouble getting the penny to drop in regards to visualising game states, but this post from George Clingerman gave me the leg up that I needed.

I plan on coming back to this game later in the year. I want to try to expand it to incorporate some ideas from a vertically scrolling shooter. So we’ll see.