Some Poker Chip Artwork

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For a long time I’ve harboured thoughts of doing a poker game. This probably seems quite silly given the plethora of poker games currently available on any given platform. But, believe it or not, I’ve not been able to find one that captures all of the features that I would like. I mean, I’ve seen all of those features implemented in some way, shape or form, but not all together in the one package.

So with that thought floating around the back of my mind I tend to keep half an eye out for art assets that may or may not come in handy should such a project ever grow legs. Said assets need to be of the appropriate price and licensing though. So far I’ve picked up various styles of chips, some decks of cards, some buttons and some felt / tables. Basically the reason I look for assets rather than creating my own is because my drawing skills are bloody hideous.

I’ve not been happy with the chip assets that I’ve accumulated. They are either a bit meh or not marked with denominations or too few denominations are available. I had a more concerted look over the weekend to see if I could turn up any better. While I couldn’t generate the correct combination of key words to get the result I was after (It’s pretty hard to not have search results spammed by gambling site hits), I did happen across this post made in the forums: Linky

I previously had no idea that plugins like this existed, or even how to figure out that I actually needed them. So anyway, I had a bit of a hack around and created my own chips of the denominations that I wanted. And given that I struggled to find any, I thought I’d post what I did here in case others had a use for them. So the below images are 96px png versions free for your use should you want to.